Meet the Artist

Bootha Vandross is the definition of a brand new throwback! Versatility is his middle name!
— Anonymous reviewer


His career started back in the early 90's after being apart of the the local Dallas, TX hip hop group P.O.E. (Productz Of my Environment).  After a short stint the group disbanded he hopped on a Greyhound bus headed to Oakland, CA to assemble with his brothers whom had secured a deal on the infamous C-Note Records (home of Dru Down & Tha Luniz).  During this time he recorded he & his rap partner formed Loose Cannons & recorded their 1st professional song, while appearing on Da Productz 'Lavish Lifestyles' album.  He saw a lot...the good & horrible of the music business.  After the ride was over...he'd disbanded Loose Cannons & returned to Dallas, TX...where he would then revamp the group & start out on a new mission.  LCs had a prominent 15 yr. run that a heap of music, show, interviews, & a multitude of guest appearances with other artists.  It also led to a Roc Nation promo campaign opportunity extended directly from Emory Jones.  

After it was all said & done...Vandross found himself immersed in a solo career.  Not knowing how that would pan out he jumped in head first & released his 1st project 'Conversation Piece.'  The project was a concept that found Vandross having a conversation with the late great Malcolm X.  It turned into a whirlwind as he also started to develop his brand 'beVocal' The project features 3 videos & many promo pieces.  This all led to meeting a lot of prominent artists via social networking and shows.  This eventually led to his meeting a producer from Rimini, Italy by the name of Luca Mina aka Aniki Beats.  The two had a mutual respect for each other's work & decided to record some songs & it eventually led to what we know today as, 'A CLASSIC REVIVAL.' Simply put...the project is "my ode & appreciation of the art form we call Hip Hop!" states Vandross.  Take a stroll with him on his journey or spectate from the any manner...he's glad you came!